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Yellow Pages – Australian Business Directory

Yellow pages has for many years been the very first place everyone would look for a local business, not any more!!

Well, that’s not entirely true, I do have elderly neighbours that still use the Yellow Pages, I myself, well it sits under my monitor so my screen is at a decent height, they are also very useful as a door stop, I’ve also heard a rumour that the police used to use them to beat confessions out of prisoners and it would not leave bruises! Not sure how true that is, and don’t really want to find out either.

In reality, most of us have access to a computer of some sort, whether it’s a pc, smartphone or tablet, the opportunity to get online is all around us, even on the toilet!! Seriously, I’ve heard people in cubicles chatting away on Facebook…..not the best place to poke someone is it!!

Ok, let me get to my point, Yellow Pages has become a thing of the past, now Google is the first place people go. How often have you heard someone say “Google it”? I have heard it so many it’s not funny, but without a word of a lie I have never heard anyone say “Yellow Pages it”.

If your website is not being found when people “Google it”, then why not? How many thousands of dollars are you spending on advertising and marketing each year? Are you getting return on investment? What flaws me time and time again is the fact that some business people still think that spending $10,000 or more on a half page ad in a book is going to get you leads!

A website is your opportunity to catch the eye of your potential customer, and in this fickle, technical, fast food world we live in, you have very little time to impress your customers, so get a good one. Now comes the marketing….ONLINE MARKETING!!!

Once you have a fantastic website, you need it to be found, there is a consistent belief that once you have a website, customers will magically appear from somewhere and your business will be flooded with enquiries. Reality check, that’s not going to happen!! Then the reply, “When I search my business name I’m number 1 in Google”. Of course you are, your searched your own business name you clown!!

If you are for example, a plumber, you need to be showing up in Google for your “service keywords” in your local area, for example “plumber Brisbane” or, ” gas plumber Brisbane”, “blocked toilet”. People use Google for answers as well as service seeking, and your site needs to be found for both, but more importantly your services.

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, it’s all under the same umbrella and all mean pretty much the same thing, YOU NEED IT TO BE FOUND ONLINE!!!!

So forget the Yellow Pages pages and a huge half page ad, get an online marketing company and get found online!!!