Despite what many people think, search engine optimisation (SEO) and web hosting have close links. The web hosting provider you choose influences search engine optimisation. Choose wrong, and it may just be the reason your website is ranking poorly.

Let’s break down the factors which play a part in how web hosting can affect your search engine rankings – for better or for worse.

Google’s Need for Speed

Speed is essential, major search engines have realised this and so should you. Google has started paying attention to how long it takes for webpages to load into their ranking algorithms.

Does your website take too long to load? Unfortunately, it merely isn’t going to be used as much and will ultimately lose traffic. This is true in an era of which smartphones and mobile web browsing are responsible for a large amount of traffic – using WIFI connections with differing performance.

As you can see, it is crucial to make sure the company you choose for web hosting is both fast and reliable.

Uptime, Downtime – How it can kill your rankings

A websites downtime refers to periods in which your site is inaccessible due to a server error. The tricky part here is that search engine crawlers are attempting to reach your site multiple times a day! If they happen to visit your website in periods where it is down, they will record your page as inaccessible and move on elsewhere.

What does this mean for your site? Unfortunately, if this occurs regularly, it won’t be long until your site will become marked as unreliable and your rankings will suffer.

Search engines want to avoid ranking unreliable results at the top of their results. Since it reflects poorly on their reputation if visitors click on results which they provide, and the site is down.

Keeping in mind that even in a perfect world downtime is unavoidable, it is vital to ensure that provider you choose can guarantee at least 99 – 99.9% uptime.

Server Performance

Server crashes aren’t as rare as people think. Causes are usually for a variety of reasons including:

  • Server overload due to high traffic
  • Poor server maintenance
  • Old servers that are unable to handle shared hosting
  • Viruses and malware

It just boils down to making the right decision, with a little bit of luck. Unfortunately, no matter what company you choose, there is always the chance of a server crash.

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