Big Success for our SEO client, Industrial Wheels & Castors

Since signing up to an SEO campaign with SEO Web Logistics in July of 2017, Industrial Wheels & Castors has continued to enjoy exceptional online growth. As of July 4th, 2018, they now have:

  • 56 keywords in 1st place (+54 from 12 months ago)
  • 161 keywords in the top 3 (+161)
  • 244 keywords in the top 5 (+234)
  • 376 keywords in the top 10 (+365)
  • 531 keywords in the top 20 (+515)
  • 631 keywords in the top 30 (+612)

Turning our attention to Google Analytics, reveals that the number of new visitors entering the site during the first 6 months of this year has increased by over 136%, which equates to some 7,230 additional guests, when compared to the first 6 months of last year. Likewise, return visitors to the site have improved by a similarly impressive 73% (an extra 1,494 visitors). Elsewhere, organic traffic has surged by a massive 236% (an increase of 2,721 visitors), direct traffic has climbed by 60% (786 more visitors), while referral traffic improved by a staggering 426% (an increase of 686 visitors).

industrial wheels castors analytics

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