Big Success for Our SEO Client, An Iconic Melbourne Jeweller

ANTON Jewellery is one of Melbourne’s most iconic and celebrated jewellers and they sought the services of SEO Web Logistics to elevate their presence online. Thanks to our SEO efforts, they now occupy the following positions for these two highly lucrative search terms in the ultra-competitive jewellery industry:

  • Jewellers Melbourne; 1st place (5400 searches/month)
  • Jewellery Melbourne; 2nd place (5400 searches/month)

This is in addition to the many numerous other high ranking keywords which contribute large volumes of potential customers to their site, each and every month.

Google Analytics Results

12 Month Comparison

To better illustrate the performance gains that have been achieved, let’s take a look at their Google Analytics results for the past 12 months.

As you can see in the chart below, new visitor numbers have soared by over 46%, when compared to the previous year, an increase of some 25,322. That’s over 25,000 additional prospective clients visiting their site.

Returning visitor figures have posted similar gains, climbing up over 46%, as well. An increase of 7,073 visitors.

Organic search traffic (non-paid search engine traffic) has also shown impressive gains, rising by almost 33%, which equates to an additional 17,042 people visiting the site over the calendar year.

anton jewellery seo performance

December Comparison

Just as significant, are the results for the month of December. As a jewellery business, December is the time of year where they experience the most activity and when they most likely do most of their business.

As indicated below, new visitor numbers for December have increased dramatically by almost 77%, which equates to an additional 5,407 potential new buyers.

Elsewhere, returning visitor figures have shot up by over 61%, when compared to the previous year, an increase of 1,227 visitors.

And finally, organic traffic has jumped by almost 35%, an increase of 2,300 holiday season shoppers, all eager to spend their money on gifts for loved ones.

anton jewellery seo performance

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