What is the most significant difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting? 

Dedicated hosting is where your site is the one hosted on the server. Shared hosting is where you share a server with other websites. The amount of bandwidth and disk space provided will have limits due to the shared space; you’ll also get charged for going over your allotted amount.

Choosing between dedicated or shared hosting can be challenging to navigate, ultimately it comes down to understanding your company’s needs and the pros and cons that come with both. More importantly, it is crucial to gain an understanding of the differences between both options to help make your decision. 

Differences Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

Sites Hosted on the Server: 

When you choose a shared hosting package, other organisations’ sites are hosted right alongside yours. However, when you select a dedicated server, it means that your company is the only one using it. 

Bandwidth & Disk Space: 

When it comes to shared hosting, you are provided with limited disk space and bandwidth since you are sharing the server with others. You’ll also get charged more for going over your bandwidth allowance and face penalties for exceeding disk space. Even using purchased resources, several hosts tend to have penalties for using elements such as music and video, even if you haven’t exceeded your bandwidth.

On the flip side, dedicated hosts provide bandwidth and disk space which can only be used by your company – meaning 0 resource sharing! The only limitations are your company’s requirements.  


A server’s resources are shared amongst its users when it comes to shared hosting. So it makes sense that costs to be divided similarly. This cost-saving approach makes shared hosting a much more affordable option for small organisations and businesses who are just establishing their brand on the net. In contrast, due to being dedicated to one user, dedicated servers can cost more. However, this has the added benefit of operational flexibility to cope with spikes in traffic. You can also customise your server and install software that meets your businesses needs.

Website and IP Blacklisting:

Using a shared server carries the risk that Google, Bing and other search engines may blacklist your website. This blacklisting can be for a variety of reasons. Still, the most common is some else sharing your server engaged in illegal activities or other practices such as spamming. Once your neighbour’s poor behaviour gets you blacklisted, you are virtually invisible!

Thankfully it is unlikely for you to get blacklisted when using your dedicated server. Unless you or your organisation is practising illegal stuff, but you won’t do that. (right?)

Server Performance? What’s your response time? 

Unexpected spikes in web traffic can kill shared servers limited resources, leading to slow response and loading times. The worst part? It’s not even your fault! You’re at the whims of other companies customers. Held hostage when your neighbours get popular! 

You won’t be a hostage when using a dedicated server of your own! Since you aren’t sharing your server’s resources, it will be responsive with more than enough bandwidth to cope with explosions traffic.

Making an informed decision

When it comes down to it choosing between shared or dedicated hosting, really is about evaluating your needs, budget and understanding what options exist. 

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Dedicated hosting is preferred for larger-sized sites including Richards Removals and TW Accounting Solutions.