SEO Link Building – The Myth

In this big world of SEO, very few strategies are discussed as much as link building. To be blunt, here at SEO Web logistics we believe it has to do with the semantics of the phrase and the history of this long running tactic more than the modern approach. This topic is significant because external links are the most important source of authority, and therefore helping your business website’s ranking potential.

Without enough decent links pointing to your domain/website, you’ll never gain any significant momentum, and because it’s as rare as hens teeth that a business naturally attracts the links it needs without effort, the only real option is a a structured link building campaign. Most novice SEO companies & “experts” who are unfamiliar with SEO best practices can damage your online reputation and your web presence faster than faster than an ex girlfriend with your facebook logins!

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Is Link Building Is Risky?

Link building being risky is definitely true, we have seen companies in the past be penalised by the strategy they have used to gain links. Back when SEO was first starting to emerge, it was common practice to manually place links on external websites in areas like forum threads, blog comments, and directories. This was a quick and easy way to gather lots of links, but definitely not the best way to keep your site ranking. When Google recognised the abusive of these strategies, it quickly revised its criteria looking at the “quality” of a link instead of the quantity.

Over the years, Google has become more sophisticated at detecting link quality, mostly through multiple its algorithm changes like Penguin & Panda updates. Basically, “good” links can pass authority to your site, while a pattern of detected “bad” links might bring your authority down. Think of it like a politician who needs votes, the more “good” votes you get from reputable people, the more trust you have in the populations eyes, the more popular you will be.

So basically, as long as you are building “good” relevant links, you don’t have to worry about seeing any negative effects. Do it properly, like the old saying, “good things come to those that wait”, it’s a slow a tedious process, but when done correctly will pay dividends.

How we should look at “Link Building”

Instead of viewing link building as a risky strategy, see it as system to reward positive contributions. As long as you aren’t making any negative contributions, you can only gain from the situation.

Don’t be scared, stick to the two main ways we create new links:

  • Identify worthy sources (preferably industry relevant and high-authority publications), and submit content to be published that includes a natural, relevant, value-adding link pointing back to your domain/website. Best practices are more complicated than this – you’ll have to consider the contextual relevance of your link, nofollow options, and the diversity of your inbound link profile. Sounds complicated? It’s not, but, it has to be done correctly, that’s why it’s left a lot of the time to the SEO experts.


Start looking at it a bit differently…….instead of link building, it’s now more like “link earning,”. Do it properly, do not try and beat a system that is unbeatable, and if in doubt, then steer clear and find an alternative.