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As a multi-award winning Gold Coast SEO agency, we’ve utilised our comprehensive range of SEO services to assist countless businesses grow their online presence, strengthen their search engine rankings, improve their online traffic and increase their revenue.

In order to propel your site towards the top of page 1 for keywords that are most valuable to your business, we employ the following 9 step process, which consistently delivers remarkable outcomes for our clients, time and time again.

1) Site Audit

We examine your current SEO strategy (where applicable) and determine how it can be improved to ensure superior results.

2) Competitor Analysis

Our highest ranking competitors are performing well for a reason. Their websites and efforts are a blueprint for success. Utilising our own knowledge and combining it with leading SEO tools, we are able to see exactly why their sites are doing so well and can set about reproducing it for your own website.

3) Identify Personas

You no doubt understand who your target market is, but it’s important to understand your market on a more intimate level, by dividing your audience into groups or ‘personas’. Each persona has their own specific needs and by knowing them, we can create more effective material that is much more likely to be acted upon by them.

4) Keyword Research

We ensure that every page is optimised for keyword phrases that are most important to your business. With a near limitless number of keywords to rank for, each additional page of content that is published on your site gives you the opportunity to rank for more keywords and with it, more lucrative traffic.

5) Strategy

Once all the necessary analysis and research has been done, we develop an SEO strategy that will meet your business goals and satisfy the unique demands of each persona identified from within your target market. We will explain our strategy to you and advise you on how you can assist us in achieving even greater success for business.

6) Link Building

Along with onpage content, backlinks (links from other websites pointing back to your site) are essential for guaranteeing high search engine rankings. High quality backlinks that are relevant to your business are not easy to come by but with our content writing expertise, we are able to secure a steady flow of important links for your website. These links help ensure that your rankings continue to improve as your SEO campaign progresses.

7) Onpage Optimisation

This includes but is not limited to the careful optimisation of all meta data, such as page titles and descriptions, as well as page headings, URLs and internal linking. And of course, something that goes hand in hand with onpage optimisation is the onpage content itself. Although Google doesn’t openly admit it, from our experience, the content that exists throughout your website is the single most important factor that determines search engine rankings. For this reason, onpage content is a primary focus of every SEO campaign.

8) Reports

Our SEO performance report allows you to quickly identify the positive impact that our SEO efforts are having on your website and your business. All of the information that is most valuable to you such as keyword rankings and Google Analytics data is displayed on a single, easy to understand document. We’re available to discuss your reports with you during business hours (Mon – Fri, 9 am – 5pm).

9) Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

All the web traffic in the world is of little value to your business, if the traffic doesn’t result in increased sales (in the case of e-commerce stores) or an increased number of leads. An optimal page layout and careful placement of a CTA (Call to Action) button, can be the difference between a sale or a swift exit. CRO is an essential aspect of SEO and we utilise a series of proven methods to guarantee the best conversion rates for each of your pages.

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