Whiter & Brighter Smilez

Do you have a fear of going to the dentist? Do you have the impression that your dentist doesn’t care about you and is only interested in your money? Do you want to feel secure and at ease while you’re in the dental chair? Your comfort is the primary priority for the team at Whiter & Brighter Smilez, and they will do everything they can to put your mind at ease. Specialising in the treatment of dental fear, you can be confident that you will not only have to, but also want to, return to the dentist.

Whiter & Brighter Smilez intend to provide you with the best therapy available for your situation, right in the heart of Dulwich Hill. They make sure you leave the room smiling — whiter and brighter – since they specialise in treating people with dental fear.

Specialists in:

  • Fillings – When you treat dental problems as soon as they arise, you can save tooth structure and lower your overall dental bills. If you suspect you have a cavity in one of your teeth, call us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.
  • Dentures – Dentures are removable appliances that are used to replace lost teeth. They are made of acrylic, chrome-cobalt, or metal-free chrome and are topped with fake teeth. They aid in talking and chewing, as well as providing support for your lips and chin and increasing the appearance of your smile.
  • Root Canal Treatment – A root canal procedure is essentially a filling for your teeth’s roots. There are three main steps to it. After your root canal, you’ll need a crown to protect your tooth. Despite the fact that the infection has been treated with endodontic therapy, the tooth is no longer alive. Because non-vital teeth are weaker and more vulnerable, getting a crown ensures that you can bite and chew regularly without any problems.
  • Teeth Whitening – If you’re unhappy with the colour of your teeth, our in-office ZOOM! service can help. Your teeth can be whitened by several shades with a whitening procedure. Alcohol, smoking, coffee, and tea are just a few of the things that can change the colour of your teeth. The colour of your teeth might also be affected by medications, nerve injury, and heredity.
  • Oral Surgery – Unfortunately, in some cases, the tooth may be irreversibly damaged, and the only option is to extract the tooth from the mouth. Teeth extractions are a pretty common procedure. However, they do need some relaxation after your appointment. Take the rest of the day off and bring along an over-the-counter pain reliever.
  • Crown & Bridges – A crown is a cap that goes over an existing tooth. It’s similar to a “helmet” for your teeth, and it’s also known as a “cap.” There are two primary reasons why we would recommend a crown for your teeth. A bridge is a multiple crown restoration that is used to fill up a gap in your mouth caused by the extraction of a tooth or other reasons.
  • Check-ups & Cleaning – A dental examination and cleaning provides the groundwork for us and signals the start of your dental adventure. We’d like to get to know you at this visit, as well as any concerns you have about your mouth and the goals you want to achieve with it.
  • Splints & Mouthguards – Do you believe you clench and grind your teeth? Have you ever awoken with jaw and facial pain? Do the joints between your upper and lower jaw cause you any pain or clicking? Then you’ll almost certainly require a splint. It’s a mouthguard made of acrylic that protects your teeth and joints from clenching and grinding.
  • Emergency Dental – You know how terrifying and awful a toothache or a broken tooth can be if you’ve ever experienced one. Dental injuries are common, but they can’t always be avoided. Fortunately, our family dentists provide same-day emergency care to relieve you out of discomfort as quickly as possible.
  • SmileFast – Smile Fast provides consistent results thanks to our digital trial smile technique, which allows you to see and feel your new smile before it is delivered! We’ll take you on a smile-inducing adventure. The method is predictable, and the consequences are life-changing.