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About TruHealth Solutions

TruHealth Solutions provide a thorough risk assessment on workers to assist businesses to make informed decisions about understanding any individual needs and requirements to ensure that they are physically safe to fulfill the requirements necessary for the position.

Partnering with organisations big and small we maximise the benefits of having a healthier and safer workforce, by minimising any downtime in productivity due to injury claims and workplace incidents.

In-Clinic Alcochol & Drug Testing – only by appointment at our clinics in Beenleigh and Maudsland.
The collection of urine or saliva takes about 15 minutes per person, and the findings are available in 10 minutes.  Within one hour, the results are finalised and emailed to your asking officer. When a urine screen is required, you should not consume more than 300ml of water 30 minutes before the test to avoid your sample failing to satisfy the required dilution standards. Overhydration may result in an invalid result, necessitating a second sample.

Medical Review Officer Services – validation of drugs and alcohol tests entails a review of all test paperwork, sample integrity, and interpretation of results. This service involves a phone consultation with relevant parties, such as the employee, supervisor, and maybe a general practitioner. MRO then gives a report to the company representative.

Pre-employment Health Screening – health assessments are conducted to ensure that an employee is fit to work in a specific environment, that they can fulfil the requirements of their job, and that they are protected from potentially harmful work that may be performed in high-risk work environments (i.e. dust, loud or continuous noisy environments as a baseline reading).

Rail Medical – Rail workers who do non-safety critical job and whose health and fitness have no direct impact on the rail network are eligible for legislative medical coverage. They must, however, preserve their personal safety as well as the protection of other rail workers. The test was done at a TruHealth Solutions clinic.

Musculoskeletal Examination – Muscles, bones, cartilage, and joints make up the musculoskeletal system. This system offers support and movement to the body. The musculoskeletal system also protects vital organs, manufactures red blood cells, and stores minerals like calcium and phosphorus. This may require trips to a dental centre.

Respirator Testing – Any full-face and/or tight-fitting respirator undergoes quantitative fit testing. It entails using a device known as a ‘Portacount machine,’ which measures leakage around the respirator’s face seal and provides a numerical value known as a fit factor. This fit factor therefore indicates whether or not the selected respirator provides appropriate seal protection for the individual.

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