The PSA Group

The PSA Group is an Australia-based specialised supplier of technical field services with a strong emphasis on the fuel and infrastructure sectors. With locations throughout the entire continent of Australia, PSA ensures that your business remains operational throughout the year.

They have the necessary skills, experience and expertise to keep your operations running efficiently, with on-call support available 24/7.

Civil and Environmental

PSA are an pre-eminent name in the delivery of civil and environmental services, including:

They provide end-to-end environmental remediation services, aimed at supplying Australia with an wholistic approach to industrial environmental processes. In a world where restrictions on practices affecting the environment are stricter than ever before, environmentally-responsible construction and remediation services are now more important than ever. PSA offer an exhaustive range of specialist services such as monitoring, surveillance and remediation that is based on many years of industry experience.

In addition to their world-leading civil engineering services, they also deliver a comprehensive suite of maintenance and fuels infrastructure services.