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About Global Commercial Kitchen Equipment

From a stainless steel mixing bowl to a complete commercial kitchen design and installation service, Global Commercial Kitchen Equipment provide a comprehensive service, not just locally, but nationally and beyond, exporting to Samoa, Papua New Guinea & Fiji.

With over 30 years’ experience in restaurant design, build and fit-out, our talented, passionate, and expert team are at the heart of our business.

Their collaborative approach to every single project means that from the initial brief, all departments are involved, ensuring that our design provides a solution to all of the catering challenges.

Why source products from Global Kitchen?

Our brilliant, dedicated, and expert staff is at the heart of our business, with over thirty years of expertise in restaurant design, construction, and fit-out.

Our collaborative approach to every project ensures that all departments are consulted from the start, ensuring that our design addresses all of the culinary challenges.

That’s why we’ve been able to work with high-street brands, well-known blue-chip enterprises, and small and medium-sized independent cafés who entrust us with the design, construction, and fit-out of their restaurant spaces and commercial kitchen facilities.

In a competitive market consisting of automated systems and call centres, we offer something different: individuals who are knowledgeable about the business and its goods and can provide helpful, unbiased assistance with a genuine smile!

How Global Kitchen can help your business

Unlike many others, we are not beholden to any one equipment manufacturer, allowing us to provide true, unbiased advise on which equipment will best fit your needs.

We provide a full service, not just locally, but nationally and internationally, exporting to all areas of the world, from a box of glasses to a complete commercial kitchen design and installation service.

Our skilled, pleasant, and professional personnel backs this up, including our own team of fully qualified catering equipment experts who can instal, repair, and service any sort of commercial food device.

National brewers and leisure groups, restaurants, bars, clubs, nursing homes, dental practices, schools, and factory canteens are among our customers.

Specialists in all manner of commercial kitchen equipment, including:

And much more.

Contact the team to have your kitchen fitted out today!