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One of the major motorhome retailers in Australia. Elite RV will assist you whether you’re looking for a brand new motorhome, a used vehicle, a place to sell your existing RV, or maintenance and servicing.

The team at Elite RV is ready to help you along your motorhome adventure with locations in QLD, NSW, and VIC, as well as over 50 new and used motorhomes.

Award Winning Luxury Motorhomes

  • Styling and construction are state-of-the-art.
  • Insulation and soundproofing that sets the standard in the industry
  • Excellent Coachwork & Ingenious Design
  • 10 Year Structural & Water Ingress Warranty is the best in the industry.
  • One of the most prestigious RV brands in the world.

Specialists in new motorhomes for sale in:

The Auto-Trail difference

When you buy a new Auto-Trail, you’re not just getting one of the best luxury leisure cars on the market; you’re also getting into an exciting lifestyle. Whether you’re taking “The Lap” around Australia or simply turning every weekend into an adventure, you can take your home away from home with you at your own speed.

In so many respects, Auto-Trail are simply superior vehicles

You may have noticed a big difference between Auto-Trail and its competitors’ motorhomes; we feel this is because we are a dedicated motorhome builder. We don’t need to share methods with a caravan manufacturing line at Auto-Trail because we’re dedicated to building the most creative and well-thought-out luxury RVs possible.

More options, comfort, and creativity

It’s all about adding value in 2018. We recognise that in today’s consumer-driven industry, we must continue to push design and development boundaries in order to maintain our position as one of the world’s leading motorhome manufacturers. To that end, we’ve focused this season on enhancing the specification of all of our models in order to provide you, the consumer, with even more value for your money.

Grade 3 Classification

We went to great efforts to guarantee that all Auto-Trail models fulfil the NCC EN1646-1 thermal insulation and heating standard, which means that the interior of your RV can keep a comfortable +20°C even when the outside temperature is a freezing -15°C or a scorching +40°C. This is the highest possible standard for RVs. Air and water are channelled around the body thanks to the aerodynamic external style.

The integrity of our habitation compartments is ensured by a structural aluminium extrusion that is bonded and attached to the edge of the pressed floor. For excellent thermal performance throughout the year, all models have 40mm insulation in the side walls and 45mm in the roof.

The entire upper cab/roof and rear panel are capped off with GRP moulded panels to improve the vehicle’s appearance and give further protection against water infiltration. To establish a watertight seal, the produced panels are glued in place with Henkel adhesive.

Completely Tested

The success of the Auto-Trail brand can be attributed in great part to the development of reliable and durable recreational vehicles. We employ 3D printers in-house to quickly prototype components and solutions, which are subsequently put to the test in our test programmes.

We work with the NCC to get the highest level of insulation and heating accreditation, and we use some of the UK’s top automotive testing facilities, such as Millbrook in Bedford, to collect data on how our vehicles perform on a variety of road conditions and driving situations.

We strive to be as thorough as possible in our development so that you can feel safe on the road, no matter where you are in the world. Our vehicles are the quietest on the road, thanks to a steel frame that connects the body to the cab.