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About Drug-Safe Workplaces | Sunshine Coast

Drug-Safe Workplaces (Sunshine Coast) offer a comprehensive range of drug and alcohol safety services to all commercial establishments, including drug and alcohol policy evaluation and development, integration and instruction of policies with employees, as well as the supply of a complete selection of drug and alcohol testing and screening procedures.

They take tremendous pride in their history of working closely with companies to keep them up to date on the latest drug and alcohol regulations and subsequent workplace laws. Beyond this, they also have a keen interest in their client’s work culture and community and notify them of any incident that may be of detriment to their company.

The professional drug and alcohol testing services provided by Drug-Safe Workplaces help businesses to reduce the detrimental effects that substance abuse have on Australian workplaces. They assist in completely removing all drug and alcohol related incidents from the workplace.

Helping to certify your business as ‘drug safe’

Having your workplace recognised as ‘Drug-free’ will help to improve your company’s reputation. It not only enhances your company’s legitimacy, but it also boosts your profits. Some drug tests may necessitate a visit to a respected dental clinic.

Obtaining certification assures your employees that you are concerned about their safety and well-being. It also boosts your professional image significantly. What better approach to entice top talent than to demonstrate that your organisation is drug-free?

A Drug-Free workplace accreditation also shows your stakeholders that you’re committed about keeping your workplace safe and clean. It demonstrated to them that you care about the company’s future by safeguarding its lifeblood: its personnel.

Drug-Safe Australia has spent years collaborating with businesses from a variety of industries. When it comes to delivering safety, we recognise that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. We make certain that the solutions we provide are appropriate for your company and circumstances.

Your employees’ health, safety, and productivity are all important to us.

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