Anthea Polson Art

Contemporary Australian art and sculpture, as well as one-of-a-kind investment pieces, are the focus of Anthea Polson Art. Anthea opened her own gallery after working for more than thirteen years at Art Galleries Schubert, one of Australia’s major commercial art galleries. Anthea Polson Art has been promoting new Australian contemporary artists since 2009, as well as providing outstanding service and guidance to clients who have grown to admire and value it.

Anthea, Lisa, and Jacquie provide an art consultant service for both private and corporate collections, assist with installation, and design gorgeous interiors, as well as a variety of other services to both artists and art collectors, thanks to their extensive understanding of Australian art. Anthea Polson Art also has a regular Gold Coast art exhibition schedule that features new and established contemporary artists.

Anthea Polson

Anthea is well-known in the Australian art community after more than 30 years of selling Australian art. Anthea has worked tirelessly to promote modern Australian artists by aggressively seeking out new talent and exposing them to the commercial art market. She has always chosen an exciting collection of Australia’s best investment works for resale, and she collaborates closely with art dealers, art valuers, and auction houses to boost the secondary market. Anthea’s extensive expertise and experience have earned her a reputation as a valuable advisor to art investors both in Australia and abroad.

Anthea is looking forward to presenting contemporary art investment to all generations of art lovers at her Gold Coast art gallery, as well as introducing you to our greatest new and established contemporary artists through an engaging and enjoyable exhibition calendar. Anthea would gladly assist you with onsite consultations at your home or business, hanging and installation, framing, restoration, and valuations, in addition to aiding you with your art investment in the gallery.