All Lawns & Gardens

All Lawns & Gardens provide a comprehensive range of professional lawn mowing and gardening services including:

Garden Care

Maintaining the beauty of your back and front gardens can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you have a large home. Our expert garden care services are tailored to match the demands of every homeowner, whether you want to have one of our trained garden specialists look after your property on a regular basis or have one of them visit your home and tidy up your garden and yard whenever it is needed. Our services provide a spotless appearance and feel that enhances each garden’s overall appeal. Sit back and relax while we handle all of your time-consuming garden chores.

Lawn Mowing

Lawns and Gardens provides high-quality lawn mowing, whipper snipping, and maintenance services to assure a genuinely exceptional result. Weed extraction, top dressing, fertilising, aeration, and new grass placement are just a few of the high-quality lawn care services that you’d expect from a first-class company like All Lawns and Gardens. With our premium acreage mowing services, we also provide large-scale property services to customers who reside on huge acreage lots.

Hedges & Pruning

While garden hedges can be a lovely addition to any yard, they require regular maintenance and care to avoid losing their shape and becoming an unsightly, overgrown eyesore. Hedges fluctuate with the seasons, allowing them to bring a welcome touch of striking appeal to your gardens by flowering or changing colour, depending on the plants in your hedges. Your yard hedges will always look their best thanks to our attentive hedging services, pruning, and trimming. Any ugly trees, bushes, or other deadwood that you’d want to have removed is also included in our skilled hedging and professional pruning service.

Rubbish Removal

Many trees and plants have the unpleasant habit of shedding their leaves at the first sign of a mild breeze, and if the leaves aren’t properly cleaned up on a regular basis, they may make a huge mess of your front or back yard. All Lawns and Gardens specialises in the expert removal and responsible disposal of all garden debris, including clippings, rubbish, branches, and more, that has gathered in your yard space. Our professional garbage removal services keep your front and back yard areas clean and tidy, allowing you, the homeowner, to enjoy your full property once more. All of your yard trash is hauled to the local landfill and composted in an environmentally friendly manner.

Mulching & Fertilising

We select the highest-quality mulch for each of our clients’ gardens, providing the exact amount of nutritional additions that plants and flowers require to grow in their respective environments. We thoroughly prepare your soil before adding plants and flowers, ensuring that they offer a wonderful look and feel to your home.


Allow our extensive landscaping experience to turn your vision for a stunning garden design into a reality. We can set up complex irrigation and watering systems, as well as integrate retaining walls, brick blocks, and other garden features. It is totally up to you to decide what we do with your yard. We can also make recommendations on which plant species to use and, if necessary, plant them for you, transforming your lovely yard into a truly spectacular example of landscaping design.

Jet Washing

Our powerful, specialised water cleaning services can easily remove all unnecessary filth that has accumulated over time on your driveway and patio areas, restoring their surfaces to their former splendour. We can also remove any oil stains and other difficult-to-remove blemishes that have degraded the appearance of your pool or patio areas, restoring them to their former glory.

With the company constantly expanding, they currently service many locations along the east coast of Australia, including:

  • Caloundra (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Noosa (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Penrith (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Mango Hill (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Green Valley (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Homebush West (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Cairns (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Pacific Pines (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Parkwood (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Varsity Lakes (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Northlakes (and surrounding suburbs)
  • Nerang (and surrounding suburbs)