Scalpel Free Vasectomy

All male patients in Brisbane and neighbouring locations can benefit from cutting-edge vasectomy operations. Dr. Selvarajan, who runs Brisbane’s Scalpel Free Vasectomy programme, has conducted over 4000 no-scalpel vasectomies in Australia and the United Kingdom. While most Brisbane doctors only perform vasectomy procedures on a restricted number of times each month, Dr. Selvarajan does it every day of the week.

Affordable Vasectomies in Brisbane & Surrounds

Dr. Selvarajan believes that personal finances should not preclude a patient from obtaining one of the safest and most reliable ways of male contraception. With Medicare and/or commercial health insurance covering a portion of the costs of a vasectomy, the out-of-pocket fee for the treatment is quite low.

Scalpel-free vasectomies ensure quick recovery and little downtime, allowing patients to return to work in a matter of days, even if they perform physically demanding jobs. Most Brisbane-based vasectomy clinics need patients to attend their pre-operative appointment on a different day than their vasectomy procedure, necessitating additional time away from work. Patients at Scalpel Free Vasectomy can have their pre-op and vasectomy on the same day.


Vasectomies are conducted at the following convenient locations: