Bayside Grooming


Since 2014, Bayside Grooming has been dedicated to tending to the grooming needs of local dogs, ensuring they experience a sense of luxury and look their absolute best.

Their love for dogs extends beyond those we groom; it includes the furry friends we have at home. This deep passion is the driving force behind their work, guaranteeing that your beloved pooch receives the utmost care and affection during each visit.

Upon entering their Birkdale establishment, you’ll immediately notice the spacious, pristine, and open atmosphere they’ve cultivated. Every day, their professional dog groomers strive to maintain a setting that is both secure and inviting for dogs of varying sizes and temperaments.

The team at Bayside Grooming refrain from confining their customers’ dogs to cages. Instead, each furry companion enjoys their own cosy space while awaiting pickup by their owners. For those who arrive with a fellow furry friend, the area is generously sized to accommodate shared comfort.

To find out more, take a look at Bayside Grooming’s range of dog grooming services today.