You may remember a time when SEO consisted of using keywords on a webpage. You scattered a phrase here and there through content to get ranked in search engines. It was the easiest way to rank your page. The more you used a phrase, the higher it went in the search results.

However, over time more and more people began to overuse keywords. They weren’t being used naturally in the content making it unreliable content. This is what is known as keyword stuffing. It causes pages to rank in search engines when there’s nothing the content offers.

Important for many reasons

Link building has become so important these days for SEO for many reasons. Link building consists of acquiring links from other sites back to your own. Hyperlinks are methods used to navigate between various pages on the internet.

Search engines use links in two ways. It helps discover new web pages and it helps determine a web pages ranking in search engine results. As search engines crawl pages, the page is added to an index. It allows search engines to determine how high a page will rank. Search engines also pay attention to the number of links on a page. The higher quality the website the higher it ranks.

Different types of links

There are a few different types of links. Inbound links are used to have a huge impact on credibility and authority. These should be natural and from sites that are relevant.

Outbound links should be used in your content naturally. These link to high quality pages and help associate your site with sites higher in quality.

Internal links determine PageRank from inbound links to pages that help improve ranking. These aren’t about the search engines. You should be serving users first.

Natural links are best

The biggest thing to remember when it comes to incorporating links into your content is to make them natural. If you try too hard it looks bad to humans and that means search engines won’t take too kindly either.