Getting on the front page of Google for relevant keywords can be a great benefit to a business, directing organic traffic toward your site. For many business owners, there can be much misinformation around how to get on the front page. We aim to clear the air and break it down for you. 

But first, let’s look into how Google works.

How does Google work?

Google has a team of bots scouring the internet around the clock, visiting websites and take snapshots of each page on your site. These get filed away into their extensive database. 

While taking this snapshot, Google’s system takes time to read every word. It looks at each piece of content on each webpage – photos, audio files, video etc. – to understand each page’s specific subject. Google then uses this information and determines which pages it will show (including the order) for a keyword search query. 

Basically, Google uses algorithms to dynamically determine what web page is relevant for a keyword or phrase and will display it first. 

So, How Do I Get My Site On Page 1?

“How Do I Get My Site On Page 1?” this is a big question, one we are asked often as digital marketers. A million-dollar industry was built around this question. Sure, you could spend a whole bunch of time sitting on the computer, making sure you have the best content, perfect keywords and more. But that will take you away from what is most important – your business. 

The best way to get your page ranking on the first page organically? Hire an SEO professional. 

What can an SEO professional do for me?

An SEO specialist will often begin with a thorough audit of the website. Elements that often require improvement include:

  • Content 
  • Inbound Links
  • Mobile-Friendly Website 
  • Loading Speed
  • Keywords in Page Content
  • Page Security 
  • Structure of URLs

Is your content unique and interesting?

Your site’s pages should be brimming with exciting and unique content that will be useful for your target audience and customers. Longer content is preferred, be sure to make it is high quality! 

Number of Inbound Links – Are they good?

When other sites link to your website, in particular larger websites with content relevant to yours, then Google ranks your site higher. Third-party links are kind of like a thumbs up that lets Google know your content is worth pushing higher on search results pages.

Is your site mobile-friendly?

It’s a new age; people no longer use only their desktops or laptops to browse the web. These days, people are searching locally using their phones and other mobile devices. Your audience is living in the 21st century, but what about your site? The modern website should mobile-friendly and be optimised to display correctly across a variety of devices. This way your customers can navigate your site with ease no matter what device they are using

How quickly do your pages load? 

Nobody likes a slowpoke. Modern internet users have short attention spans, and if your site loads slowly? They are going to jump ship and move on to another site. In turn, these slow loading times will negatively affect your rankings.

Does your content contain relevant keywords? 

This one should be obvious. If the keywords you are trying to rank for appear throughout the titles and content of pages, you will rank better for those search terms. Content should be written with the audience in mind, stuffing it full of keywords just doesn’t cut it these days. Google will rank a page better with natural-sounding content that contains relevant keywords higher than a keyword buffet. 

Is your site secure?

Regular humans prefer secure sites, and so does Google. Yes, even if you aren’t processing things like credit cards or people’s personal information. Google’s browser ‘Chrome’ now labels all sites without an SSL as ‘Not Secure’. So it’s a good idea to get your web hosting provider to install an SSL on your website, so your site loads securely for visitors. 

Are your URLs human-friendly? 

Humans browse the web. Therefore your URL structure should be easily understood. For example, is a better URL structure than It conveys what the page your visiting is. For added ranking benefit it is good practice to include the keyword in URL i.e. 

That’s a ton of ground to cover; it also takes a lot of time and energy to correct. The time you could spend on servicing your customers. When you hire an SEO professional, you get the peace of mind and assurance that comes with expert services. 

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