How Best to Describe Your App’s Best Selling Points, Rather Than Its Features

You have just successfully created a mobile app, either in-house or by outsourcing to an experienced app development firm. Now, you need to tell your clients and potential users about the app. Normally you are doing this via your social media sites and with your marketing strategies.

But something that many people are struggling with, is to know how to write about the app’s benefits, and to leave the features out of the info. It is important for the user to know the benefits of using the app. They don’t want to know the features over and over again. You can mention the features once, and then it’s done. Then you are just talking about the benefits. These are some ways on how you can do this.

1) Tell the truth about the app

Don’t lie about the benefits of your app. Never. The users are going to find out about the lies and then your app will never get off the ground and become successful. They will see you as a liar and that they can’t trust you or your mobile app.

You should also not tell the same thing over and over again. Some people think that if they are telling one benefit, but they are saying it in two different ways, it is going to sound differently. It isn’t going to fool the users. Tell it once, and move on to the next benefit.

2) Describe how the app will help the user

Sit and think about what the app will actually do for the user. Why the app will benefit them, and why they should purchase the app. But, you need to think like a user and not as the developer when you are considering it this way.

Then, writing in short what the different benefits will be for the user. Will they get discounts and coupons with the app that others won’t have? Or, are there some products available online that won’t be available in-store? This is the benefit of users making use of the app. And, you need to make sure that you are still telling the truth.

3) Be short and to the point

Don’t go on and on about the same benefit. Yes, this is a great benefit. But put it first and move on to the next one. Don’t take too much space in explaining just one benefit. Be short and get to the point. For example: With the app, you will get a discount for each item that you are buying. Short and sweet.

With people that are writing paragraphs about one benefit, it will result in the user not getting past the first benefit. People don’t like reading, and will not read paragraphs about benefits. To get the best results is to write short sentences and stay to the point.

4) Refrain from explaining additional features

A mistake that you should be avoided at all costs. When you are writing about the benefits, stay away from the features. Yes, there is a huge difference between features and benefits.

Normally you might already have mentioned the features. And, once is enough. Now, you are just writing about the benefits and the benefits alone. One benefit at a time.

This is going to make it easier to write about the benefits of your mobile app. And to stay away from just explaining the features over and over again. This is key to success; to give the benefits on why people should pay for the app. They don’t want to hear more than once about the features. They don’t really care about the features. This will ensure that you are going to have a great piece of information about the benefits of using your mobile app.

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