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Google Penalty Recovery Services

Over the years, many concerned business owners have reached out to us in an effort to reverse their sudden and dramatic Google rankings drop. If you’ve discovered that your search engine rankings have plummeted abruptly, it’s possible that a Google algorithm penalty is the cause of it.

For businesses who rely heavily on their online rankings to attract new customers and sales, significant ranking drops can be damaging financially, particularly for those who operate online stores.

Our Google Penalty Recovery Services involve a full analysis of the affected site to determine the underlying cause and we develop a customised recovery plan to help your website reclaim its former rankings positions.

There may also be a less sinister explanation for your rankings drop

It should be noted that a rapid and unexpected decline in rankings doesn’t always indicate a Google penalty. There are a number of other reasons why this can happen, including the transferral of an existing site to a different domain or to a different CMS.

Both of these scenarios can have destructive effects on a site’s rankings, if not implemented correctly. Thankfully, where this is the case, the site’s rankings can be resurrected within a short amount of time if appropriate measures are taken to identify and fix the cause.

Algorithmic and Manual Penalties

If it is determined that there isn’t a benign explanation for the drop in rankings, your site may have incurred a Google penalty. There are two types of penalties – algorithmic and manual penalties.

An algorithmic penalty means that your site has been flagged by Google’s filters as being in violation of its Webmaster Guidelines. A manual penalty implies that your site has been identified as employing disreputable techniques by Google’s quality control team. There are many different types of manual penalties, and each requires a unique solution.

 Recovering from Google Penalties

If you have previously sought the services of a ‘link building specialist’, then it’s quite possible that this is the cause of your site’s problems. Some companies employ poor link building strategies that are seen as a direct infringement on Google’s policies.

In such circumstances, while it is possible to recover your website’s rankings, doing so requires the painstaking task of pinpointing each toxic backlink and removing them. If all of these harmful links are able to be removed, then the site may improve. However, where it’s discovered that a site simply contains far too many issues to resolve within a reasonable period of time, then acquiring a new domain may be the best option for you.

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If you’ve experienced a sudden and significant fall in rankings and aren’t sure why, contact us now. We’ll determine the cause and advise you on the best course of action to take. To find out more about our Google Penalty Recovery Services, call us on 07 5641 0224 or fill out our contact form.