Using a dedicated server can bring many benefits to your business, people are often turned off by having to pay a premium for hosting. The longterm benefits of dedicated hosting actually outweigh the cost in the long run. 

What are these long term benefits? Are these benefits right for you and your businesses needs? Let’s break it down further.

1) Exclusivity

The most significant difference and benefit of having your own dedicated server vs shared hosting are that the dedicated server is all yours. Yep, a whole server for your exclusive use! 

Everything from the server’s disk space and ram to bandwidth is now all yours. 

The servers CPU and RAM now belong to you, no more being at the mercy of the traffic of other sites. During peak business times, you get peak performance. 

With your new server, comes root access – a key advantage to dedicated hosting. Congratulations, you can now add your own software, configure the servers setting and access server logs. 

Need to run your own applications, how about implementing special security measures? Want to use an entirely different operating system? Good news – you can do all of that and more! The server works for you, flexibly and responsively fulfilling the needs of your business. 

2) Flexibility

Dedicated servers are built to accommodate your current and future business needs, you decide on the servers configuration. Nothing is static, this applies to your website and server. As growth comes, you increase the number of or modify applications. Your server provides the flexibility needed to change as new opportunities arise. 

A dedicated server means scalability for your business (such as PSA) with the power to add more; processing, storage, and back up your site. 

The modern customer not only has high expectations, but they have a short attention span. Customers want convenient, quick load times for better user experience – this is especially true for online stores and boutiques. If you give them the experience they want, they will return!

3) Reliability and performance

One benefit of exclusivity is reliability. When you have a dedicated server, you can reliably run at peak performance.

When your server runs reliably, crashes are much less likely to occur! Want to optimise your customer experience? Have videos and images to tell your brand’s story?  The bandwidth is there with a dedicated server to handle both! 

Leave your footprint on the web, without investing a whole ton of capital. Managed dedicated hosting is not only affordable, but it also future-proofs your brand’s digital presence.

4) Faster loading times that improve search engine rankings

Web page loading times are a crucial search engine optimisation rankings factor. Dedicated servers allow your website to load faster, improving the user experience for your visitors, while helping to improve your search engine rankings. Slow, highly congested servers can have the opposite effect on your rankings.

5) Security

A dedicated server will only permit access to you or your company, the infrastructure will include firewalls as well as security monitoring. 

Malware and hacks? Forget about it! The host will be monitoring the network, but secure firewalls and strict access allows you to worry about what matters most; your business. 

Service attacks? Those are in the past with data separation. Your dedicated server is isolated from the hosting companies services, and other data belong to customers. This separation ensures quick recovery from backend exploitation. 

You also hold power, with the option to implement higher levels of security. This may come in the form of applications installed to run on the server for security and access control purposes. 

This adds a level of protection to your customer and proprietary business data. You safeguard your customer and business data, again, through separation.

In the end, it’s crucial to protect not only your businesses data but also data belonging to your customers. 

Dedicated hosting carries several benefits—future proof your brand and your web presence by investing in the long term benefits of dedicated hosting. 

AT SEO Web Logistics, we offer high quality, dedicated hosting, provided by Australians for Australians. 

Our quality Australian servers deliver high performance and stability for your business website:

✅ Servers are checked daily for security & protection.

✅ No overloading, this ensured premium performance and stability for your website

✅ Backed up daily, e-mails, databases, none of your data is ever lost.

✅ All our servers are monitored 24/7, secure, reliable and fast web hosting.

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Dedicated servers are a great way to speed up larger websites, such as those for Richards GC Removals and TW Accounting.