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Generate more sales with our Ecommerce SEO

At SEO Web Logistics, we’ve helped dozens of businesses, across a diverse range of sectors, grow their e-commerce stores via our proven Gold Coast eCommerce SEO strategies. We have experience working with smaller online retailers who sell a single, niche product, right through to large-scale companies who sell manufactured items to both consumers and major retail chains alike. This has given us considerable e-commerce SEO expertise, ensuring that we are well-equipped to handle the unique needs of all businesses, regardless of their size or industry.

Cashing in on the online sales boom

With so many people choosing to buy online these days, a successful e-commerce store can be a highly lucrative venture. While e-commerce has been on a steady growth trajectory in Australia, there is no doubt it has been accelerated by COVID-19. This growth has created increased competition for traffic, meaning attracting visitors to your website can be challenging.

It should be stressed, simply creating an online store is no guarantee that it will be successful. At SEO Web Logistics, we specialise in the design, development and marketing of ecommerce websites. We employ proven e-commerce SEO strategies that succeed in driving higher volumes of relevant traffic to your pages and convert more visitors into paying customers. We are adept at making online businesses thrive and prosper in this more competitive age of digital commerce.

What are the benefits of E-Commerce SEO?

Whether your business has been operating online for a number of years or if you’ve only just recently launched, an effective e-commerce SEO campaign will:

  • Improve search engine rankings for your products and/or services.
  • Help generate more exposure for your business.
  • Be a cost-efficient method of marketing your business.
  • Deliver more relevant traffic to your website, and
  • Generate more sales.

Our e-commerce SEO services


Our team will inspect your site for any glaring technical issues that may be impacting performance and work hard to quickly resolve them.

Product page optimisation

We’ll take a look at the current on-page copy for your individual products and/or services and ensure that they are correctly optimised to provide maximum search engine exposure.

Conversion rate optimisation

What good is more traffic to your e-commerce website if no one is actually purchasing? A critical element of e-commerce SEO involves conversion rate optimisation. We’ll determine which page configuration provides optimal selling performance for your products.

 Examination of current website design

Whether you have an e-commerce store or otherwise, presentation is everything. If you have a poorly designed website that makes it difficult for visitors to navigate and takes forever to load, then these are chronic issues that are frustrating users and killing your sales. Our team will inspect the design and functionality of your site and suggest ways that it can be improved.

 Streamlined approach designed for larger websites

With larger online stores that sell thousands of products, the sheer magnitude of the site can make the SEO process problematic. Thankfully, our experience working with larger sites has enabled us to create a streamlined system of search engine optimisation, helping us to efficiently optimise big e-commerce stores without sacrificing the care needed for strong results.

 Content Marketing

Content marketing is another essential strategy for helping to increase ecommerce sales and generate exposure for your business. Well written content has two major benefits; it can serve to highlight specific products that can result in a direct sale – or, even if the reader doesn’t make a purchase, it can still prompt them to visit your website, opening up further buying opportunities.

 Want more sales from your e-commerce store?

Regardless of the number of e-commerce products, or the type of industry your business is in, the team at SEO Web Logistics can develop a personalised Gold Coast eCcommerce SEO solution that generates more traffic to your site and a greater number of sales. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business prosper online.