Multi-Award Winning Gold Coast Digital Marketing Services

As a multi-award winning Gold Coast SEO company, we’ve utilised our range of digital marketing services to help countless businesses enhance their online presence, strengthen their search engine rankings, improve their online traffic and increase their bottom line.

Email Marketing

Thanks to the availability of robust, modern day email marketing suites, creating an effective email marketing campaign for your business has never been easier. When executed correctly, even a basic email greeting has the potential to multiply your revenue.

An indispensable avenue in any digital marketing campaign, email marketing is quick, inexpensive and highly lucrative. On top of all this, it’s also a great way to establish a rapport with your customers and enhance your brand. The aim of each email you send out is to provide a powerful incentive for customers to revisit your site, over and over again.

At SEO Web Logistics, we specialise in the design of compelling email marketing campaigns for businesses, that help ensure maximum customer engagement and return on investment.

Achieve more success with our Digital Marketing services.

Content Marketing

Delivering essential information to your intended audience at the right time, is imperative when it comes to ensuring a successful content marketing strategy. Content marketing plays a central in all of our SEO campaigns, with its purpose to increase exposure for your business among relevant users, obtain lucrative backlinks, strengthen your search engine rankings for keyword phrases that are most valuable to your business and improve conversion rates. Another benefit of content marketing is its affordability. Considering all its benefits, content marketing is significantly less expensive than more traditional marketing methods.

Our Content Marketing Process


we examine your existing content marketing efforts and identify how they can be improved.

Competitor Analysis

the content marketing efforts of your highest ranking competitors provide invaluable insight into what works for your industry. By analysing their content and strategies, we can then look to replicate this for your site.

Develop Personas

creating compelling content that resonates with your audience means understanding the various demographics of your target audience and identifying what their specific needs are. Armed with this knowledge, we can help increase the chances of more sales.


once your target audience has been divided into separate personas, we can set about creating an effective content marketing strategy for your business.

On Page SEO

keyword research is performed for all created content, to identify the best search phrases to focus on. This ensures maximum organic traffic benefits.


once the content has been created and you’re happy with everything, we’ll quickly begin executing our content strategy.

Monthly Reports

these enable you to examine the effectiveness of our content marketing efforts.

Conversion Rate Optimisations (CRO)

there are many elements that can impact the conversion rate of your content, such as page layouts, call to actions (CTAs) and even the size and style of typefaces used. We understand the importance that even subtle changes can have on lead generation and draw upon our considerable experience to ensure that all pages are optimised to guarantee optimal results.


Getting the biggest bang for your buck from PPC campaigns requires a high degree experience and an ability to effectively analyse data. When you entrust SEO Web Logistics to manage your PPC, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have helped many businesses attain a high level of success in a short amount of time. Our proven methods consistently deliver excellent results for our clients.

Our PPC Process


we develop an understanding of your business goals and examine your existing PPC (where applicable) campaign. This helps us identify what’s working and what can be improved.

Competitor Analysis

we inspect the PPC efforts of your competitors to determine what their approach is and how this can be of benefit to your own campaign.

Persona Identification

in order for PPC ads to be effective, it’s crucial that you know exactly who your target audience is and what they’re looking for. We discuss your target customers with you and set about dividing them into separate buyer groups or ‘personas’ to ensure more effective engagement.


based on your business goals, what we’ve been able to unearth in our competitor analysis and the personas that best match your business, we devise a strategy that will guarantee a high CTR (click through rate) from relevant visitors but most importantly, deliver superior results for your business.


getting people to click on your ads means writing copy that immediately draws their attention compels them to find out more about what you’re advertising. The ads themselves offer very limited space, so they must be concise and persuasive. Our ads are rigorously tested to determine which ones provide the best ROI.

Keyword Research

we analyse all relevant search terms for your industry and pinpoint the best positive and negative keywords that offer commercial intent and high ROI.


whether we’re refining and expanding your existing PPC campaigns or creating entirely new ones from the ground up, our experience and expertise is substantial. You will have full ownership rights to the PPC account(s).

Monitoring & Goals

we ensure that all of your goals and objectives are actively tracked and monitored. We use this data to help guide our decisions for your campaign.


an essential step of every PPC campaign is to identify any underperforming ads and keywords and replace them with ones that provide greater commercial intent and deliver superior user engagement.


our performance reports make it easy for you to understand how your PPC campaign is progressing and we encourage you to discuss your results with us to obtain better clarity on areas that concern you the most.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

as the old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” A skilfully crafted campaign that attracts all the right visitors is of little value if the pages they are directed to on your website don’t provide them with what they’re after.

Or at least, aren’t displayed in such in a way that compels them to take action. We understand the critical importance that site layout plays in converting visitors into paying customers and we utilise our extensive experience in this area to ensure each landing page is optimised to ensure maximum engagement.


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