eCommerce SEO

Content marketing remains an important part of any successful SEO strategy, and many SEO specialists argue it is actually increasing in importance. A few times each year, Google does what as known as a core update – a series of changes to its algorithm which are expected to have a material impact on rankings. In recent years, Google’s response to those who have suffered a rankings dive has been remarkably consistent – ‘improve your content’.

Content marketing plays a central in all of our SEO campaigns and we work with clients side-by-side to deliver content relevant to your business and its desired audience. Whatever the industry, the end game is to consistently increase exposure for your business among relevant users, obtain lucrative backlinks, strengthen your search engine rankings for valuable keyword phrases and improve conversion rates. 

Another often forgotten benefit of content marketing is its affordability. Considering all its benefits, content marketing is significantly less expensive than more traditional marketing methods.

Our Content Marketing Process

1) Audit – we examine your existing content marketing efforts and identify how it can be improved.

2) Competitor Analysis – the content marketing efforts of your highest-ranking competitors provide are analysed to provide insight into what works for your industry. By analysing competitor content and strategies, we can then look to replicate a similar approach for your website.

3) Develop Personas – creating compelling content that resonates with your audience means understanding the various demographics of your target audience and identifying what their specific needs are. Armed with this knowledge, we can help increase the chances of more sales.

4) On Page SEO – keyword research is performed for all content, to identify the best search phrases to focus on. This ensures maximum organic traffic benefits.

5) Strategy – once your target audience and keywords have been identified, we can set about creating an effective content marketing strategy for your business.

6) Execution – we write then upload the content.

7) Monthly Reports – these enable you to examine the effectiveness of our content marketing efforts.

8) Conversion Rate Optimisations (CRO) – there are many elements that can impact the conversion rate of your content. We work hard to ensure that all pages are optimised and presented to deliver optimal results.