Safe Deposit Box Company

This client is a specialist in the provision of safety deposit box storage for clients, at their secure vault facility. They also buy and sell bullion through their affiliate partners.

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Safe Deposit Box Company

SEO Bolsters Private Vault Facility's Position as a Safe Deposit Box Specialist

There were numerous reputable and established competitors who offered private vault services in the vicinity of the client’s business, ensuring that ranking for the most competitive search terms was not going to be easy.


The client desired to rank as highly as possible for the most lucrative and competitive search terms. Achieving strong results with a limited budget was going to be a difficult task, so it was important that the client was able to contribute heavily to all content creation tasks.


Before commencing the SEO campaign for our client, SEO Web Logistics were fortunate enough to also create their new website. This allowed us to identify all the important landing pages that needed to be created, along with the keywords that were to be targeted for each page. It should be noted that on-page SEO in this day and age extends far beyond content and keywords. Pages must satisfy what’s referred to as search intent, and this is done by developing an understanding of what the user requires answers to for a given service page.

Ensuring pages properly satisfied search intent was achieved by:

  • Examining the highest-ranked competitor pages for a given search phrase/topic and ensuring that our client’s pages also contained this information
  • Using SEO software to identify the most frequently asked questions around a certain topic and creating answers that addressed these concerns
  • Asking the client to list the most frequently encountered customer pain points for a given service, and having the client create content that explained how their product or service solved these particular problems.

In addition to well-written service pages that satisfied search intent, the client was tasked with creating blog posts around the services that they provided. Doing this helped to strengthen their topical authority for the products and services that were most valuable to their business, while also allowing internal links to be placed within the blog posts to the client’s most important service pages. All of this combined, helped to improve the client’s rankings for each of their product and service offerings.

Establishing trust is crucial to the success of all businesses, but more especially for a business such as our client’s. Customers must be able to trust PVA with the secure storage of their most precious valuables, including but not limited to gold bullion, expensive jewellery, priceless collectibles, important documents and other high-value items.

The most important page on any business website for building trust among prospective customers, is the About page. This page should indicate the history of the business and demonstrate how this business is best equipped to service the needs of potential customers. In addition to adding each of the above, a photo of the principal staff members was also appended to the page, helping to further reinforce trust and credibility. Finally, the logos of PVA’s affiliate partners were clearly displayed in the footer throughout the website, with links to each website. This further underlined trust, while ensuring maximum transparency.



As of May 5th, 2024, our client’s website enjoys the following results in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages):

16 keywords ranked


31 keywords ranked in the top


44 keywords ranked in the top


47 keywords ranked in the top


Note – these are just the keywords that the client wishes for us to track. The client’s website ranks for many more keywords beyond those listed above.


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- Customer Name

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