10 Steps to Creating an App That Users Will Enjoy

1) Fine tune the design to perfection at the very beginning

An app’s design requires substantial investment but it’s worth every cent in the long run. While it may sound wasteful and unnecessary, when an app development agency employs numerous people to work on the app’s design in the beginning, it’s a great way to ensure an excellent final outcome. When recruiting many designers for the exact same job, the key is to never tell them about the others who are doing the same task. This way, you’ll end up with a design that possesses the greatest features of each designer’s work.

2) Aim to create an app that a smaller number will become truly obsessed with, rather than a larger number that will only show mild interest in it

The majority of users only use a small handful of apps frequently, yet may download and install many different apps that they never ultimately never use. As any quality digital marketing agency will tell you, ensure your apps falls into the former category by striving to develop an outstanding app that users can depend on. Doing this will help guarantee maximum engagement and provide you with an app that grows exponentially through word of mouth, saving you money on marketing and advertising.

3) Understand that your app is more than just a pile of computer code

Many of the world’s most innovative and successful apps share a single truth; a well thought out business plan and structure. Building an app is only part of the problem, the other is finding a way to properly establish a thriving businesses based on your app. Developing an app must be treated in the same way as you would when starting a company.

Questions such as “how much money will need to get it off the ground?”, “what are the expected earnings?” and “how is this app going to earn money?” are all questions that need answers. Like a business, apps that are to remain profitable in the long-term, require planning, advertising, a reliable customer support system and built-in moneymaking features.

4) Concentrate on providing a solution to a single problem

When creating an app, it’s always best to narrow your focus. While it’s great to have an awesome concept for an app that achieves many things, the most successful apps are the ones that start out with only a small feature set, but accomplish what they do offer, tremendously well. Once this has proven successful, the app can steadily improve and expand its feature set.

5) Seek out high quality business associates and consultants

Seek the mentorship and invaluable wisdom of industry veterans who have a history of successful app development. Doing so will prove enormously beneficial to you.

6) Aspire to be better than you perceive yourself to be

As a fledgling app developer, it’s important that you look to obtain as much knowledge as you can about the app development sector in general and the specific area that your app is going to specialise in. Living in the digital age, access to copious amounts of relevant information is more abundant than ever, so furthering your education on a particular subject is now easier than ever. If you’re to develop a hugely popular and profitable app, you need to have high level knowledge in many areas of app development, such as; marketing, project management, design and even a working knowledge of search engine optimisation.

7) Focus on the only thing that matters

When starting out, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work involved in getting a mobile app from initial concept design through to a point where it’s a viable product ready to be published online to the masses. When developing an app, it’s important that everyone only focuses on the immediate tasks at hand. This is where creating a small list of manageable tasks is so important. The successful completion of each task inspires courage and helps everyone to believe that what they are attempting to accomplish isn’t so ludicrous and unfeasible after all.

8) Strive for innovation, not replication

A great idea exists at the heart of every successful business. If you’re looking to create an incredible new app, think about the many problems that exist in our world today and identify ones that either don’t have an existing solution in place or ones that would greatly benefit from a revolutionary new approach to solving the problem.

If you’re looking to develop an app that is based on an existing product with the idea of having slightly different offering that is more competitively priced, than you might as well not bother at all. Do not commit to the development of a time consuming and expensive app design until you have figured out what your app will do that no other existing product on the market can.

9) Team up with the right person

It’s not a prerequisite to be a coding genius in order to develop a remarkable new app. If you don’t possess the technical know-how to launch your brilliant new idea on your own, you’ll have to team up with someone who does. You and your business partner must be able to see eye to eye on things, enjoy working together and be 100% committed to your design. Tracking down the right candidate is time consuming, but this is a crucial step that will determine the success or failure of your new venture.

10) Be able to adapt to change

The digital world moves at breakneck speed. As an app developer, you must be able to quickly react to user behaviour, criticisms and app data fast enough to ensure that your existing user base remains engaged with your product, rather than losing them to your competitors.