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We are a leading Gold Coast SEO agency, with a presence on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, committed to building attractive and fast websites and then getting them found on Google via search engine optimisation (SEO).

With approximately two billion websites on the internet, how does your business website get found amongst all the noise? We help businesses of all sizes and industries rank highly on Google via SEO. Through our SEO work, we are currently ranking number one for more than 500 valuable keyword searches. These rankings are helping to rapidly grow businesses across Queensland and elsewhere in Australia every day.

Our results have ensured ongoing partnerships with some clients for almost a decade. And although we don’t typically like to blow our own trumpet, we’ve won more than a few awards along the way, including:

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Our Achievements

Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards

2015 – Knowledge Management & IT Award

Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards

2016 – Emerging Business Award

What makes our SEO campaigns successful?

Our strategy

We’ll build a strategy tailored to both your business and the Google search terms that your customers are using each day. From the outset, the campaign will be measurable and results reported on to ensure transparency.

Our people

Our secret sauce is our incredible staff – all they do is SEO, from nine until five! They don’t dabble in social media or email campaigns on the side…getting businesses like yours found on Google, is their bread and butter!

Our processes

After almost a decade of outstanding SEO outcomes, we have finetuned our processes to ensure best practice is consistent and nothing is missed. We call it our SEO secret herbs and spices, and it’s what consistently separates us from our competitors.

Frequently asked questions

Interested in finding out more about SEO? Here are some of the most frequently asked SEO questions.
Got another question for us? Please contact us.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, are the steps taken to appear highly on Google search results, or other search engines. For example, if you are based on the Gold Coast and have a power outage, you will need an electrician. In 2022, the first thing most people will do is an online search for “Gold Coast electrician” and then contact one of the highest-ranking businesses in the search results.

For the electricians that appear high in the search results, their ranking can be incredibly valuable and a steady source of new business. For those who do not rank highly, and appear beyond page one of the search results, they often rely solely on word of mouth and / or referrals to attract new business. For most businesses, limiting new business to a network of contacts can make growth almost impossible.

A good SEO agency can help get your business to the top of the Google rankings and turbocharge business growth.

A well-designed website is only half the battle. Afterall, a stylish website is of no value if no-one ever visits it.  Most businesses need a steady flow of visitors to ensure their website is front and centre for customers when they search for a specific product or service…and on Google there is more than enough traffic to go round – every second (on average) there are 63,000 Google searches!

Beyond attracting traffic, there are many other SEO benefits:

  • SEO offers much higher close rates (about 15 per cent) for new leads when compared with other forms of marketing (often less than two per cent).
  • SEO brings quality traffic to your website. When you begin an SEO campaign, your website is updated to incorporate specific keywords relevant to the traffic you need to attract. This ensures that you zero in on your preferred audience that are most interested in your business’ product or service.
  • SEO is very measurable, making it easy to understand results and return on investment.
  • SEO, particularly for e-commerce businesses, ensures your business is open 24/7. This means that potential customers can engage with your business, leave enquiries and even make transactions when your business is not ‘open’.
  • SEO can level the playing field among businesses sizes. We’ve helped small retailers outrank conglomerates like Myer and a family construction business dominate multi-nationals, among countless other examples. None have the budget of the bigger companies, but with a well-executed SEO campaign, they can thrive online.
  • SEO is very sustainable. For a relatively small budget, SEO can be an ongoing strategy that can be more effective than traditional marketing and thereby reduce spend in these areas.
  • SEO need not be tied to geographical boundaries. You can expand your SEO campaign as your business grows, with minimal additional expanse. For example, if you are a Gold Coast business looking for customers in Brisbane, or vice versa, increasing this reach is possible via an SEO campaign.
  • Utilising SEO techniques ensures you have a better website. At the heart of effective SEO, is an ongoing obsession to improve the user (visitor) experience. When Google sees this, they improve rankings, but it also means that websites that do SEO properly are generally more functional and easier-to-use.

A do-it-yourself approach is always a possibility. However, it is worth considering that the learning curve is incredibly steep (and the goal posts move regularly!).  Those taking on an SEO campaign themselves will need to consider page optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, keyword research, Google My Business, link building, content creation, use of metrics ….the list goes on. The reality is that there are many moving parts in any successful SEO campaign.

Given these challenges, we think it makes sense to work with a reputable SEO agency. And our experience over the years has told us that the agency approach will always prove more successful, cheaper and faster than keeping SEO in-house.

Working with a team that lives and breathes SEO each day will represent your best chance of SEO having a material impact on your business’ growth.

With more than a billion websites in 2022, SEO campaigns can take a few months to gain traction. This is most relevant in competitive industries and/or major metropolitan locations. For more niche businesses and / or smaller geographic locations, we’ve often seen a surge in rankings within weeks.

SEO is not a short-term fix though – it does require an ongoing commitment from clients. Along with hard work, patience and expertise from your chosen SEO agency.

Brace yourself for a frustrating answer (sorry!) – it depends. The cost of SEO is determined by several factors including:

  • Industry competitiveness – some industries are far more competitive than others. Playing SEO catch up against businesses with well-established online presences, takes time and costs money.
  • Geographic locations – to state the obvious, Brisbane is going to be harder market to crack for SEO compared to Southport on the Gold Coast. That is definitely not to say it is impossible to see great results in Brisbane, it just can take more time and resources (which drives up the price).
  • Your website – is it SEO ready, or are you going to need major changes before you can launch an effective SEO campaign? Potentially this can add some cost to the start of your SEO campaign.

We’ve have to have a look at your website, as there could be a number of reasons why you’ve seen a drop in traffic.

If your drop in traffic is fairly sudden, we’d encourage you to have a read of our Google Penalty Recovery Services page.

If the drop in traffic has happened over a long period of time, the reasons are likely to be less sinister. One reason could be that your competitors are now focused on SEO and have got the jump on your business. Or it could be time for your business to revisit its own SEO and find out the reason for the deterioration.

There are plenty of Gold Coast SEO agencies to choose from, so naturally we do get this question a lot. We argue that there are five factors that separate us from our competitors.

Results: since 2013, we’ve been producing stellar results for clients on the Gold Coast, QLD, interstate and internationally. It’s seen us recognised more than a few times, including in 2020 when we were awarded Queensland’s ‘Best SEO & Web Design Company’. A sample of client results can be viewed on our case studies .

Tailored approach: we believe we produce outstanding results because your SEO strategy will be tailored for your business and audience. Our experts will find the most relevant keywords for your audience, adjust your website so it speaks to this audience and Google and bring it all together with a strategy that works.

Repeat business and referrals: what makes us most proud is that we have client relationships dating back almost a decade now. The SEO industry does tend to have a lot of change and churn, but we have managed to avoid this by building great client relationships (and of course delivering what we promise). We believe these relationships, and the repeat and referral business they bring, is SEO Web Logistics’ greatest asset.

We don’t use black hat techniques: never have, never will. If you don’t know what black hat techniques are – its sneaky SEO techniques used to ‘game’ the Google algorithm. It can result in a quick sugar-hit to rankings, but on almost every occasion, Google quickly catches up with the technique resulting in a dramatic fall.

Friendly team: we’ll always do our best to take your call, answer your questions and of course work through any issues that you may have. We have a superstar team, who live and breathe digital marketing.

There are a number of factors worth considering….and questions you should be asking before committing to an SEO company relationship.

The first one is to not be totally swayed by price. There is an element of you get what you pay for within the SEO industry. If you are offered an SEO package for a few hundred dollars per month it’s probably too good to be true and you should be asking what is included in the price.

The second consideration is SEO experience. You want to work with an agency that has been around for a while and a team who lives and breathes SEO each day. Given the many moving parts of an SEO campaign, we strongly recommend you steer clear of working with someone who brings a broad skillset i.e. a ‘digital marketing specialist’.

The third factor to consider is metrics and reporting. You need to be working with an agency that is accountable to how your campaign is performing and doesn’t hide behind industry jargon. We report to our clients monthly, and we also encourage each of them to take up the opportunity for a monthly meeting so we can explain the results.

The Google algorithm is the internal process that Google uses to rank search results. Although it is a bit of a mystery as to how what factors impact search results, factors like content, relevant links, page optimisation and website speed are considered to be top of the list.

Google does its best to keep its cards close to its chest when it comes to its algorithm, however in 2022 it is generally agreed that more than 200 factors go into determining the search results.

Google runs major updates on its algorithm a few times per year. SEO nerds like us here eagerly await these updates to see where Google’s focus will move next. Although in recent years, Google has tended to consistently encourage website owners to make content improvements in order to maintain rankings relevance.

A starting point for any campaign includes building a keyword focused and optimised website that includes quality content for Google to crawl. This means your SEO agency has to spend time identifying keywords that your potential customers regularly type into Google, and then adjust your content approach accordingly.

Your website also needs to load quickly. This is important for two reasons – your customers will hit the back button on your website if it is slow, and secondly Google will notice this and adjust their rankings accordingly. Website speed is impacted by many factors, including server speed, images sizes and how your website is developed/coded.

The last key element in a Gold Coast SEO strategy is link building. There are two types of link building – internal and external. Internal refers to links within your website. External links are other websites linking to your content. Both are important in building authority and showing search engines that your website is trustworthy.

A lot depends on your individual circumstances, particularly relating to budget and how quickly you need to see results. For more detail, we’d strongly encourage you read our article SEO vs PPC – which one is best for your business.

Although we offer both services, what we love most about SEO is that it is much more sustainable. And once you turn off SEO, your leads don’t necessarily stop completely.

SEO case studies

Check out our real results for happy clients.

seo gold coast
Who owns the number one spot for the invaluable search term “Gold Coast builders”? One of our SEO clients, of course.
seo gold coast
This long-term client has taken on national companies and dominated the Gold Coast.
seo gold coast
Find out how this truck hire start up grew into a dominant player on the eastern seaboard.
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